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The Chief Happiness Officer Podcast #10. Scroll down to watch or listen.

What is the power of a dyad?

In this new era of social distancing and lock downs, a lot of people encounter loneliness and long for connection. How can a dyad support people and why is it so powerful? In episode 10 of the Chief Happiness Officer Podcast I am interviewing certified NVC trainer and writer Simone Anliker about the Power of Dyad.

Experiencing why a dyad is powerful

The first time that I learned about practicing a Dyad, I was attending an NVC (non violent communication) retreat. I found that practicing a dyad in a safe space support deep insight, relaxation, and acknowledgment of yourself. It gives space to express ourselves. There is a space to reflect and investigate beyond the automatically censoring and critical mind.

As happiness trainer I can see automatically three Happiness Skills are trained  by practicing a Dyad

  1. Presencing: to be in the moment with full attention and awareness of ones positive and negative feelings
  2. Collaborative Communication: exploring ones feelings and needs without judgement
  3. Relaxation: ability to go into the theta or even delta brainwave where inspiration, deep insights and relaxation of the body occurs

The book The Power of Dyad Meditation

I started to practice doing a dyad it on a regular bases. And with me, many others found it profoundly helpful. Also NVC trainer Simone Anliker practiced the dyad regularly. She even started a movement called the Global Dyad Meditation where people all over the globe can practice a dyad online for free. She was so passionate about the dyad that she decided to write a book about it.

Barely published, the Power of Dyad became #1 on Amazon Kindle within 24 hours

Why is this Dyad practice so popular?

If I would describe it in my own words, I would describe it as a way a doing Mindfulness out loud. Expressing and observing at the same time ones own thoughts, feelings and needs. And while expressing it, being held in a safe space of a silent witness who is present with an open heart. Scientific research already has shown that mindfulness reduces stress and supports to deal with adversity.

It also supports a deepened skill for connection within oneself and with others. I would say it creates a safe space for sharing ones Inner Dialogue, as I described in the book Teamcoaching with Authentic Dialogue.


The Chief Happiness Officer Podcast

Listen in this interview how Simone Anliker tells about her book. Find out what a dyad is, the history where it originated and how a dyad is practiced. It also gives a mini demonstration of the way a dyad is practiced.