Scrum je werkgeluk voor Agile Holland

Learn how happiness works and create your own product backlog items that support happiness at work.

Self-organizing teams working happily is a happening now. Look at Zappos (a shoe company delivering happiness), Hutten (Dutch catering won several awards) or Riksja Travel (award winning travel agency). How to implement happiness at work? How to influence happiness in a team as an agile coach or scrum master? Good news is that we actively influence happiness at work. Skills for happiness can be trained. You are going to discover:
– What are user stories for happiness at work?
– What is the epic?
– Which product backlog items are already used and can we choose or innovate?
– How to support teamflow and happiness in teams as an agile coach / scrum master?

Create your own product backlog items with a sprint backlog, user stories, definition of done, criteria for acceptance and features.

The workshop will be led by Veronique Kilian. She is director of K-T Dynamics. Author of 2 books: Team coaching with Authentic Dialogue and Happiness at Work? Train your skills4happiness; 25 skills to Feel-Fly-Flourish. Veronique facilitates teams to work agile with Semco Style  principles.; or