Happiness Skills during lock down with the Power of Dyad

Happiness Skills to enhance the feeling of connection. A challenge during these times of (semi)lock down, right? In this webinar i shared my practice cover boek geluk op het werkof happiness skills. This webinar was organized together with the Society for Intercultural Education, Training And Research (SIETAR) in the Netherlands. In this webinar you learn happiness skills as teached in the book Happiness at work? Learn skills for happiness!


Happiness during lock down

At first this workshop about Happiness Skills at SIETAR was designed to give in March, but then the lock down entered the Netherlands. In March 2020 Sietar announced:

POSTPONED: Sietar NL: The Floor Is Yours – Workshop & Presentation event. Sietar NL’s announces her first upcoming event: The Floor is Yours. With heavy hearts we, unfortunately, have to postpone The Floor is Yours to later this year, in May. Due to COVID19 and the latest updates this afternoon, regarding national health guidelines, we need to take into account the general health and safety of all participants. We truly hope you understand our decision. 

Due to the lock down, the workshop turned into a webinar. In this webinar in december 2020, dealing with the COVID19 measures became part of the learning process.

How a smile can save your life

It is my mission to share skills for happiness world wide. Do you want to know more about happiness? Listen to the Talk like TED presentation “Talk like TED” called: How a smile can save your life!

Talk like TED presentation: how a smile can save your life!

Connecting cultures with the Power of Dyad during lock down

At the international SIETAR webinar we were excited to host participants from USA to the Netherlands, from Germany to Litunia! This webinar Connecting cultures with the Power of Dyad is free available for you. In this webinar you will get an insight into happiness skills. These skills were applied in the Authentic Dialogue and the Dyad Inquiry.

What are happiness skillsHappiness competencies are skills that allow you to keep your own happiness level high, learn to deal with setbacks better and make you flourish, both private and business.

What is the Authentic Dialogue? In the book Teamcoaching en Intervisie met de Authentieke Dialoog you learn how an Authentic Dialogue catalyzes energy, connection and shared vision in a group of people. It is often used for team building. How do you get a group / team to talk to each other about what is really going on? How do you ensure more flow and team feeling? How can you build collective knowledge instead of debate and discussion? How do you appeal to the collective (un)conscious of the group? How do you invite to (self-)investigation without censorship and without judgment on yourself and the other? When a live Authentic Dialogue is not possible, a dyad inquiry supports its participants to experience deeper, inner calm and more mutual understanding.

What is a Dyad InquiryA Dyad Inquiry supports people to build psychological safety with each other by giving space to themselves and the other in a neutral but compassionate way. Together you create a safe space for the “inner dialogue”, which gives depth to reflection and learning together.


Watch the free webinar Happiness Skills. Connecting Cultures with the Power of Dyad during lock down


Veronique Kilian is international trainer, teamcoach en personal coach on (online) teambuilding, happiness and future organisations. She hosts the Chief Happiness Officer Podcast. As an happiness expert she leads the 3-day training to become Chief Happiness Officer.




SIETAR, thank you for sponsoring

This webinar is also a “thank you” to Sietar NL for sponsoring Young Sietar to have an international event in Ukraine, a country that still shows traces of the civil war. An international community – including Ukrainian (sponsored) participants – comes together to share a common hope, namely intercultural connection, learning together and human happiness.